SJ Agronomy Services is a full-service agronomy retail located in Miami, Manitoba. SJ can help farms with agronomic advice, fertilizer, certified seed purchase and delivery, crop protection products, aerial application, field scouting, soil testing, and so much more.


SJ Agronomy is a trusted partner of GJ Chemical, Dale Air, MK Agro and Friesen Seeds. They all share the same community values that keep southern Manitoba united and strong.


SJ Agronomy Services was started in 2016, so that the rural community of Miami, Manitoba would have their own full-service agronomy business readily available in their own community. Being able to fulfill the needs of the rural community has always been the number one goal of SJ Agronomy Services. The staff at SJ is small but mighty, and has always made the needs of their customers and community a top priority. Looking into the future, SJ Agronomy Services will always keep these values at the forefront of their actions, and will continue to serve Miami with rural community in their minds.